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Thesis List and Presentation
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Thesis List and Presentation
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랜드마크 소논문 작성 프로그램은 학생들의 쓰기 실력과 사고력 증진에 목적을 두고 있습니다. 소논문 작성은 리서치, 글 전개 방법 정립, 결과 유출, 의견 및 방향 제시 및 글의 정확성을 기반으로 합니다.

아래 목록에서 학생들이 작성한 소논문의 Summary, Inroduction 및 영어발표 모습을 보실 수 있습니다.

Thesis List   Thesis introduction and Introductory Presentation
Gloria Lee
Effects of social media in social movement : Activism and Slacktivism
Julie Kim
The imperfect comquest of Generation gap and the best plan
Canny Kim
Hidden Values of Ki-Saeng(기생)
Slater Chae
How to make others laugh
Yoojin Cha
Things that happened to the victims in the military sexual slavery and the reactions
Lucy Yoon
What is Affirmative Action and what do people think about the affirmative action?

Lisa Ko
The glimpse of Euthanasia in reality

Julie Kim
How Group Behaviour and Social Network Systems are related to Ants and Bees and what we should learn from them
Taeyoon Kim
The composition models of dark matter, interaction of dark matter and observing of dark matter based on WIMP theory
Emily Kim
The Analysis of Boston Tea Party

Gene modification in food, and its outlook

Summer Kim
Advantages and Disadvantages of Exam-free Semester in Korea

Sunny Park
The reasons why President Park should step down
Lesly Lee
The history and opinions of death penalty
Steven Park
To prevent water pollution in scientific way by dissolving the grease
Sally Lee
What is the Fibonacci sequence and how does it affect our society positively?
Jack Park
About Recyclable Energies
Kevin Lee
All about the time machine
Jade Yang
The relationship between breakfast, health and school performance in adolescents
Problems and truth of Korean government

Dorian Lee
Is Euthanasia abolition is the best alternatives to respect Human Rights?

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